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Senior UX/UI Designer

VIRTUALhaus is looking to hire a product maverick to develop and improve the user experience of our MVP product as well as future releases.


We are a remote-first asynchronous company that values flexibility as much as we value commitment and dedication to our work.  We have designed our work processes to be intentional about when synchronous communication is important and when it’s not.  At the same time we recognize the value of in-person interaction and we plan those opportunities into our schedule. We celebrate a collaborative team environment where ideas, feedback, and learning flow in all directions.


You are a creative, intentional, and innovative UX/UI Designer designer with 3-5 years of experience and are looking for an opportunity to lead the user experience for an industry disrupting startup. You have a reputation for being customer-obsessed, detail-oriented, and data-driven while building products for b2b startups in the saas and ecommerce space. You thrive in a fast-paced, self-starter environment and aren’t afraid to speak up and share your ideas. You are a digitally savvy Figma & Adobe CC expert that loves trying out new technologies and tools to produce impeccable user experiences. You’re excited by the opportunity to translate abstract ideas into intuitive designs. You are interested and knowledgeable in fringe technologies in the 3D/AR/VR/Metaverse space. Experience with React is a plus. Experience in early-stage startups is a plus.


VIRTUALhaus is looking to hire a product maverick to develop and improve the user experience of our MVP product as well as future releases. The Senior UX/UI Designer will work closely with the Product Lead, Technical Lead, and Development Team to design, implement, and continuously improve the UX/UI for our proprietary platform. Through your emotional intelligence, communication skills, and curious nature you have the ability to manage up, down and laterally and collaborate and build relationships across the business. This role is ideal for someone who seeks the excitement of an early-stage startup and strives for a senior product leadership position in the future. Success in this role means sidestepping the usual career ladder and getting a front row seat to the art and craft of building a product from scratch. Since VIRTUALhaus is a “remote first” company, you can be based anywhere within the EST-PST time zones. Some travel (once per quarter) may be required.


Salary is commensurate with experience, within the market range of $80k-$100k. We offer a competitive compensation package and strongly prioritize our team’s health & well being. We offer top tier benefits covering 70% medical, 100% dental, and offer a 401k match. We have an unlimited PTO policy, flexible work schedule, and take the last two weeks of the year off (notwithstanding unchangeable customer deadlines).



  • Complete VIRTUALhaus’ onboarding program and get familiar with our organizational structure, tools, business model and strategy. You’ll meet the team and learn the nuts and bolts of the product, our history, and where we’re going.
  • Deep dive into the technology we’re building, our market segment, and our ideal customer profiles.
  • Become familiar with our organizational goals and begin thinking about the next quarter’s user experience strategy and goals.
  • Identify new technologies that will support our UX/UI efforts.
  • Become familiar with our design and suggest new ideas or provide feedback for improvement of the current UX/UI.
  • Build out our Figma component library for rapid prototyping.


  • Take full control of the design of the company website and partner with our Director of Marketing to optimize the experience of the site.  
  • Complete missing components in our current UI as well designing new UI elements and workflows for upcoming feature releases.
  • Evaluate feedback from our users to understand user behavior and create improvements of the current UX/UI.
  • Build and present design projects that include the user journey, wireframing, and final UI design and implementation.
  • Conduct market research to further our learning about the industry’s competitive landscape and what our target customers want.
  • Promote a culture of rapid iteration based on insights gleaned from customer research and data analytics.


  • Design revolutionary user interfaces that can translate to collaborative VR/AR/XR/Web/Mobile experiences in the future.
  • Collaborate closely with other departments as well as internal/external engineers, developers, and end-users to bring our platform to market.
  • Be an active advocate for the quality of product design.
  • Partner with our Product Manager to identify new market opportunities for our product and requirements for new product iterations.
  • Create OKRs for the product department and a corresponding budget for the rest of the year.
  • Develop UX assets that support and communicate designs to partners and stakeholders, including: service design blueprints, product roadmaps, personas and journey maps, wireframes, flow diagrams, sitemaps, prototypes, UI designs, and more.
  • Understand and plan for the future needs of the product organization (i.e. hiring).


  • Participate in product decisions using design, UX, and a global knowledge of the platform to guide feature elaborations
  • Create monthly reports using data analytics and performance metrics to present to the leadership team and investors.
  • Steer our strategic design to deliver against business objectives and align to our design system and brand guidelines.
  • Participate in interviewing and hiring, as a way to influence team growth and how our values inform our culture.
  • Give the CEO and other execs feedback in real time. You will not be afraid to share your opinion and engage in a debate.

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