Build Your Customer’s Dreams

VIRTUALhaus is a free platform that allows you to create photo-realistic 3D models from your floorplans. All you have to do is click a button.

Faster Approvals, Happier Homebuyers

After we’ve generated your 3D model, you and your clients can pick and place the actual products that will go in their house. Explore a broader range of products online or choose from your current option packages to show your homebuyer how everything will look together. With VIRTUALhaus, you can complete the selection and purchasing process up to 10x faster.

VIRTUALhaus for Builders

VIRTUALhaus provides these amazing benefits.

Don't Miss a Thing

Our platform allows you to automatically generate 3D models from 2D floor plans with just a few clicks of a button. Then, you and your customers can walk through and explore every nook and cranny of the home. 

Boost Customer Confidence

Seeing is believing with VIRTUALhaus. You and your customers can pick and place actual building products in their future space, saving time and boosting customer confidence during the selection process. 

Streamline Ordering

Our automated takeoffs are created with every autogenerated floor plan so you never have to wait for a takeoff again. The takeoffs are accurate and detailed, so you can save time (and money) making purchase orders for your builds. 

See VIRTUALhaus in Action

Nothing beats seeing VIRTUALhaus in action. Watch this quick video to see all the things our app can do. 

The VIRTUALhaus Difference

Made By Builders, For Builders

Our team was founded by builders, construction managers, and architects. So, we get it. We know the challenges firsthand and are solving your biggest pain points.

The Only 3D Store For Builders

We are the only platform online connecting builders, remodelers and designers to building product suppliers so you can design your spaces with real products for a seamless buying experience.

We Keep it Simple

Our user-friendly admin portal allows you to onboard in a few weeks, and most of that time is us doing the work. After a 30-minute onboarding call, you’ll be ready to go.

Our Onboarding Process 

We get it - you don't have the time to learn new software. Luckily, we’ve made our onboarding process simple and easy for you and your team, so you can start building with VIRTUALhaus today.

Step 1

Get a personalized onboarding 1:1 with a member of our team.

Step 2

Send us your floor plans and option packages, and we'll do the rest.

Step 3

Enjoy automations, visualizations and a streamlined pre-construction process.

Ready to Take it for a Test Drive?

We could talk all day about how amazing our platform is - and trust us, we will. But we mean it when we say nothing compares to seeing it live! Request a free demo today, and we’ll show you everything you can do with our app.

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