Professional Remodeling Software

VIRTUALhaus is a free home remodeling software that instantly allows you and your clients to see exactly how their home renovations will look.

Home Remodeling Software

With VIRTUALhaus, helping your clients see your vision is easier than ever. You can show them exactly what the remodel will look like, including what all of their product selections will look like together. This provides your clients with peace of mind and makes the project approval process faster than ever. 

What VIRTUALhaus Can Do for You

VIRTUALhaus will help set you apart from other remodelers.

See the Actual Design

When your clients have been stuck with the same countertops for years, it can be hard for them to visualize what new counters will look like in their current space. With VIRTUALhaus, you never have to worry about this again because clients can see precisely how different products will look in their homes. 

Pick from Real Products

When you design with VIRTUALhaus, you can look at real, available products. You can choose a specific faucet from one supplier and then select flooring from a different supplier. That way, as soon as your client approves the design, you have a list of the exact products you need to purchase. 

Improve Product Ordering

After you have completed a project on the VIRTUALhaus app, you can download a purchase order for the products you need. Our partnership with the leading building product suppliers means that you’ll have all the specs you need. 

Take a Look at Our Free Home Remodeling Software

Watch this video to take a peek at what VIRTUALhaus can offer you.

The VIRTUALhaus Difference

The Only 3D Marketplace

VIRTUALhaus is the only 3D marketplace where you can build out spaces with real products from suppliers.

We Keep it Simple

We made our platform simple to use so you can spend less time learning new tech and more time building spaces.

We’re Always Improving

We have an amazing team of developers that ensure you always have the most up-to-date products available.

Our Onboarding Process 

Get up and running on VIRTUALhaus in no time! Our simple 3-step process will empower you to start planning your remodels faster than ever. 

Step 1

Get a personalized onboarding 1:1 with our team to learn how remodelers use our platform.

Step 2

Draw out the dimensions of your space, upload a floor plan, or use one of our pre-made templates.

Step 3

Start comparing your product selections and plan out your client's dream.

See VIRTUALhaus in Action

Want to learn more about what VIRTUALhaus can do for you? Book a demo today to find out! 

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