Connect with Your Customers on VIRTUALhaus

Builders, designers and professional remodelers are selecting building products every day on our platform. Make sure they pick yours! 

Sell More Products to More Customers

We connect suppliers like you directly with your customers. Our users are placing building products in homes every day so they can see what all of their product selections will look like together in the actual floorplan of the project. With our unique marketplace, you can make sure they pick your products. 

Advancements in technology (and our super-genius team of tech wizards) mean your digital assets will look photorealistic on the app. We’re pretty sure that makes us the coolest marketplace on planet earth.

3D rendering of bathroom with sink customization options on the VIRTUALhaus app.

The VIRTUALhaus Difference

Check out the difference VIRTUALhaus can make for your business. 

VIRTUALhaus app with visualization of a kitchen sink with customization options and sink faucets.

Display 100% of Inventory

Display all your products, including backstock and online-only, on our easy-to-use marketplace.

Custom rendered bathroom scene with tub brands.

Broaden Your Audience

Connect with new builders, remodelers, and designers using our app every day with branded product placement. 

List of building products for new house build.

Accelerate Sales Process

Receive approved purchase orders from your customers - saving your sales team time and money. 

See VIRTUALhaus in Action

We can tell you all about our app, but nothing beats seeing it in action. 

Our Onboarding Process 

We get it - resources are scarce, especially your time. That’s why we made sure our onboarding process was simple and easy. In 3 steps, we’ll list your products on our marketplace so your customers can start shopping.  

Blue icon of hands shaking after completing an agreement for listing 3D products.

Step 1

Kick-off meeting to account for your unique needs.

Blue icon of a customer uploading assets for their 3D product catalog.

Step 2

Upload your products and wait for your 3D catalog.

Icon of customer reviewing completed 3D catalog on a computer.

Step 3

Review and approve your completed 3D products.

Ready to list your products on our marketplace? 

Contact us to schedule a demo today. 

The Tech Behind Our Tech

Our app is built using the best technology available. This allows us to bring you the most-realistic 3D assets available today directly through a web browser.

Unreal engine logo in white. Amazon web service logo that says "powered by aws". Google Cloud logo.pureweb logo

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