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Create a realistic 3D model of your current projects straight from your internet browser. Visualize, compare and configure building products and finishes in the context of your actual build. VIRTUALhaus allows you to speed up your sales cycle and improve customer confidence.

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Convert 2D Floorplans
to 3D Models

Creating 3D models has never been easier. Our technology automatically generates an exact replica of your project so you can help your customers easily visualize their new space. Experience the actual flow of the house with a “virtual walkthrough” - straight from your web browser.

Fully Customize the Interior Space

From trim to tile, your customers can visualize every design element in their floor plan before approving the final design. With a confident customer, price alerts, and clash detection technology, you'll complete the selection and purchasing process in half the time.

Instant Takeoff Exported to Excel

Gone are the days of manually calculating your takeoffs. Our platform allows you to export the takeoff for your project with the click of a button. Save time, money, and reduce human error with VIRTUALhaus.