Design Spaces Using Real Products

VIRTUALhaus is a free 3D marketplace that allows you and your clients to customize each project with the exact product selections they want.

Best Interior Design Visualization App

With small sample sizes and an infinite number of product pairings, getting your clients to see your vision can be challenging. VIRTUALhaus allows you to get project approval faster by showing your clients exactly what products will look like together in their actual floorplan. They don't like a faucet? No problem, instantly switch it out with one of the 100s of product options available on our platform.

In just a few minutes on our app, you can design out the space and get client approval in record time.

The Value of VIRTUALhaus

When using VIRTUALhaus, you can count on some amazing benefits.

See The Space in 360 Degrees

You don’t miss the details, and neither do we. That’s why we made sure you can design every inch of the interior space, from flooring to crown, so that you can have a complete 3D visualization of your project.

Design Your Space with Real Products

When you design on VIRTUALhaus, you can place real products in every room. This means your customers will be able to actually see what their actual space will look like!

Product Clashes

Our one-of-a-kind clash detection system is here to save the day! Our clash detection system will let you know when products don’t fit together to save you time and money. 

Visualize the Future of Design Technology with VIRTUALhaus

Watch this video to see all the amazing designs you can create on our 3D marketplace. 

The VIRTUALhaus Difference

Speedy Asset Development

We are constantly developing new 3D products from our supplier partners, so you have the most available options.

We Keep it Simple

Our app is so simple and easy to use, you’ll be creating projects within minutes of signing up.

Always In Style

We are constantly developing new 3D products from our supplier partners, so you’ll always have the newest products at your fingertips.

Our Onboarding Process 

We deliver the fastest online design process, and that starts with our onboarding. Our simple 3-step process gets you up and running in no time.

Step 1

Get a personalized onboarding 1:1 with our team to learn how you can make the most of our virtual home designer.

Step 2

Upload floor plans, use a pre-built home, or draw out a custom floorplan.

Step 3

Start comparing your building product options and design your client’s dream home.

Seeing is Believing

Ready to learn more about joining VIRTUALhaus? Request a demo today, and our CEO will personally walk you through how our technology can help you take your business to the next level.